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About Us

Our Story

Jean and Alex work exceptionally hard to ensure I get the best flavour. This is simply the best coffee I’ve found in 30 years.

Founded in 1996 by Alex and Jean Khoury in Ottawa, Ontario, Montana Coffee and Tea Services has grown to be the region’s largest premium coffee company. Our formula for success has been pretty simple: a family-run company with family values, a passion for roasting exceptional coffee, and a penchant for customer service.

Over the years we have expanded our offerings to meet our customers’ needs, and we have worked hard to exceed their expectations. You can rely on Montana for:

  • a wide array of superior coffee
  • a large selection of quality teas (from internationally renowned Montreal company TRANS-HERBe Inc.)
  • coffee and tea accessories and gift baskets
  • hot beverage food service equipment

Contact Us

Supplying exceptional coffee and tea for your enjoyment is our primary goal. We love to hear how Montana coffee (or TRANS-HERBe tea) brightens your morning, soothes a hectic afternoon, or helps you unwind at the end of the day. Please send us your thoughts.

Artisan Roaster

We start by sourcing the best tasting and freshest 100% Arabica Fair Trade coffee beans available from growers who practice responsible land stewardship and bio-friendly farming techniques. Green bean shipments are received several times per week, and coffee is roasted fresh daily.

Overseen by Alex, Montana’s Master Roaster, our process is deceptively simple: tasting, grading, blending, roasting and colour grading. However, the expertise and subtleties behind this process develop a wide variety of naturally distinct coffees. Aroma, flavour, body, intensity, texture, acidity… these are the instruments that Alex plays with to create an experience of symphonic proportions.

Alex’s ability to roast exceptionally fine tasting coffees sets him apart from many other roasters. His senses of smell and taste guide his formulations and roasting technique to fine-tune and perfect Montana’s creations — discovering unique ways to reveal and enhance the natural flavour profiles of coffee beans to please every palate.

Delight your senses, once you’ve tried this exceptional coffee, you’ll want to make every morning a Montana morning!

About Us

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